Crossroads Community Food Network

Website Design and Development

The Crossroads Community Food Network is a nonprofit organization with a big goal to build a healthier, more inclusive food system in Maryland’s Takoma/Langley Crossroads.

Our favorite part of working with the Crossroads team was seeing the direct connection with a community right down the road from us. We were asked to help simplify their messaging and redesign their website to be more intuitive, user-friendly, and with a refreshed design that would grab the attention of their supporters. We edited footage from a local TV station’s filming of one of their Farmers Markets (if you’re in DC, make sure you go! Details are here.) We then used this clip as looped footage on their homepage to show their mission in the most vibrant way possible with fresh fruits, vegetables and the local community. Finally, we worked with a nonprofit donation system to make sure they can receive support from visitors all over the world.

We’re really excited to help provide Crossroads with a new, mobile-friendly and visually appealing website. Visit them today and make sure you sign up for their newsletter to get information on upcoming events!

Crossroads Community Food Network websites on various devices

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