Rana Labs Policies and Code of Conduct


Rana Labs is committed to the highest ethical and professional standards. As a company, we will always perform our work with honesty, loyalty and respect for our colleagues, clients, partners, beneficiaries, and anyone else who interfaces with us.

We hereby provide our company Code of Conduct, as well as other relevant policies to provide full transparency of the nature of our work and our goal to be consistent in our approach.

  1. Rana Labs LLC and its employees, consultants, contractors and agents (“Rana Labs associates”) will uphold the highest ethical and professional conduct. They will conduct themselves with honesty, loyalty and respect for their colleagues, clients, sponsors and partners.
  2. Rana Labs associates will comply with the laws and regulations of the United States and of the host government.
  3. Rana Labs associates will exercise honesty and diligence in performing their duties and undertaking their responsibilities.
  4. Rana Labs supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Rana Labs associates will not cause human rights abuses or assist or promote such abuses with any government, government official, or governmental instrumentality that engages in human rights abuses.
  5. Rana Labs does not tolerate, and no Rana Labs associate will engage in, workplace sexual harassment or other forms of harassment, nor will they engage in sexual exploitation or sexual abuse.
  6. No Rana Labs associate may engage in any of the following activities: (a) any form of trafficking in persons, (b) using forced labor in conducting any work, or (c) procuring a commercial sex act.
  7. To minimize the risk of child abuse, exploitation, or neglect within Rana Labs programs, Rana Labs associates: (i) will ensure compliance with host country and local child welfare and protection legislation or international standards, whichever gives greater protection, and with U.S. law where applicable; (ii) will not engage in child abuse, exploitation, or neglect; (iii) will consider child safeguarding in project planning and implementation to determine potential risks to children that are associated with project activities and operations; (iv) will limit their unsupervised interactions with children within the context of Rana Labs programs; (v) will not expose themselves to child pornography; (vi) will comply with applicable laws, regulations, or customs regarding the photographing, filming, or other image-generating activities of children; and (vii) will report allegations of child abuse, exploitation or neglect within the context of Rana Labs programs to their supervisor.
  8. Rana Labs associates and their dependents who are on assignments in foreign countries will comport themselves in a manner that will reflect favorably on Rana Labs. Rana Labs associates will not participate in any business activity in the host country outside the scope of their Rana Labs employment.
  9. No Rana Labs associate or member of his or her immediate family will, for a corrupt purpose, seek or accept from a S. government or foreign official, another Rana Labs associate, or any other person or entity in a business relationship with Rana Labs, cash, loans, commissions, services, pleasure travel, personal discounts, gifts, employment, entertainment, or anything else of value.
  10. Unless reasonably contemplated in the scope of project activities and permitted by law, Rana Labs does not make contributions to political candidates, political parties, or to any person or entity affiliated with a political Rana Labs associates will not contribute anything of value to a political party, candidate for office, or to any person or entity affiliated with a political party for the purpose of seeking to gain an improper advantage or to obtain or retain business. These restrictions do not affect the right of Rana Labs associates to make contributions to political candidates, parties or affiliated persons or entities in the Rana Labs associates’ respective countries of citizenship or residence from their personal funds, to the extent permitted by law.
  11. Rana Labs funds may not be used for any unlawful purpose or in any manner other than in accordance with appropriate project and or corporate Rana Labs associates will not create or use a secret or off-book fund or falsify or fail to state adequately a corporate or project account.
  12. Rana Labs associates will not offer, promise or pay anything of value to a government official except for (i) appropriate grants, (ii) appropriate travel and business meal expenses, or (iii) expenses reasonably contemplated in the scope of project activities.
  13. Rana Labs associates will safeguard all corporate and project assets.
  14. Rana Labs associates must perform their duties in pursuit of Rana Labs’ best interests and must refrain from letting personal interests influence, or appear to influence, Rana Labs’ activities. If a situation arises where a Rana Labs associate believes it is impossible to avoid a conflict of interest, or the appearance of a conflict of interest, the Rana Labs associate must inform his or her supervisor and provide a full written explanation to the Rana Labs Executive Vice President, in advance, if possible.
  15. Rana Labs associates will not exploit for their own personal gain opportunities that come to their attention through their position with Rana Labs, Rana Labs activities, or information that comes to Rana Labs, unless the opportunity is fully disclosed in writing to a Rana Labs officer, and Rana Labs explicitly declines to pursue the activity.
  16. Rana Labs associates will not knowingly provide, and will take steps to ensure that Rana Labs does not provide, material support or resources to any individual or entity that commits, attempts to commit, advocates, facilitates, or participates in terrorist acts, or has committed, attempted to commit, facilitated, or participated in terrorist acts.
  17. Rana Labs associates will not engage, on their own behalf or on behalf of Rana Labs, in any transaction in which a country subject to U.S. embargo restrictions has a direct or indirect interest, and shall not participate in foreign boycotts prohibited or penalized by the S. Departments of Treasury or Commerce.
  18. Rana Labs associates will not instruct or permit any person to engage in any activity on behalf of Rana Labs or a Rana Labs associate that would violate this Code of Conduct.


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