Perception study, strategy and materials for the “Nosotras Conectadas” campaign for the Sexual and Reproductive Rights Coalition

For this campaign Rana Labs was involved in generating a Perception Study on Sexual and Reproductive Rights in different departments, and based on this the “Nosotras Conectadas” campaign was created.


Perception study on Sexual and Reproductive Rights


In this study, we created a communication campaign for the program “Promoting the health and sexual and reproductive rights of adult women, young people, adolescent girls and trans, Mayan, Garífuna and mestizo women in Guatemala.”


Rana Labs conducted a mixed methodology for the data collection through a knowledge, attitudes, and practices (KAP) survey of 479 participants that evaluated the population’s opinions regarding sexual and reproductive rights. Once the survey was completed, Rana hosted in-depth interviews with the main actors in the 10 selected intervention departments


After obtaining and analyzing the results, the second phase of the project began, which consisted of carrying out a communication strategy based on the key messages that the study produced


Communication campaign "Nosotras conectadas"

Based on learnings from a previous study on sexual and reproductive health, Rana Labs produced the campaign “Nosotras conectadas.” This campaign sought to change people’s understanding and perception of sexual and reproductive rights, particularly for women and young girls. The campaign is led by a character named Tzuni, who, through a radio program, discusses different findings from the study and creates a safe space for participants to discuss and learn.

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