#Perspectives is an Inclusive Film project developed by third year students for the Audiovisual Marketing course of the Communication Sciences career of the Faculty of Humanities. With the key messages of autonomy, collectivity and affectivity, this inclusive film format sought to represent and dignify disability through its narratives and reasonable accommodations that allow access to them.

The Rafael Landívar University, through the Technological Laboratory of Communication and in alliance with the agency Rana Labs Latin America, accompanied this course in which materials oriented to universal accessibility were produced.


This consists of the use of descriptive subtitling or sign language, as well as the use of audio description. This allows people with hearing or visual impairment to better perceive any video, film, series, etc.

This project also focused on the inclusion, participation and representation of people with disabilities in the stories. We had the collaboration of the Educational Association for the Deaf ASEDES, Gerson Pontaza and María José Carranza as content advisors.





Power in silence

Paula shares her story through a visual experience that allows the reflection of her emotions. In this journey, there is a call to break the silence in the face of harassment, highlighting her desire to make her story accessible to all women.


Movements with freedom

Eimy, a young wheelchair user, expresses through movement the overcoming of expectations and challenges society’s perceptions as a dancer. Together with her friend, she shows that dance is an expression of the soul.


The voice of my memories


Luciana listens to Jorge, her grandfather, who through a journey through a photo album, tells in his voice what she cannot see. Remembering the most important moments of her life; details, textures and smiles.



Washington D.C.


Guatemala City, Guatemala

Kampala, Uganda​