Awareness campaign “like everyone else” for United Nations Development Program (UNDP)

Within the framework of the labor inclusion program for People with Disabilities, Rana Labs led the production of an awareness campaign for the “inclusive employment of people with disabilities” based on the successful experiences of three private sector companies in Guatemala. #ComoTodosLosDemás presents three stories in two-minute videos depicting common experiences that companies face in creating inclusive workforces. The companies selected in conjunction with UNDP and Rana Labs are:


– Banco G & T Continental, 

– Cinépolis,

– University of San Carlos de Guatemala.

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Short film 1: “A day to remember”

Carlota is an elderly woman who goes to the G&T Continental bank to do some paperwork and make payments. During her visit, she is attended to by Gaby, a deaf person who works at the bank. In trying to understand each other, both discover that empathy and patience are languages they can both speak, #ComoTodosLosDemás 


Short film 2: "Today's tasks"

Diego is a person with down syndrome who works at Cinépolis. On one particular work day, his co-workers and boss assign him tasks to keep him busy, but Diego seems to finish them all on time or earlier. While their initial objective was to keep Diego away from the employee lounge, they soon come to realize the flawed and exclusive nature of their thinking, and of the workplace as a whole #ComoTodosLosDemás

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Short Film 3: “A story of networks”

On the first day of classes at the University of San Carlos in Guatemala, the students do not know who will teach writing at the School of Communications. Upon entering the room, Rosidalia, a university professor with a Musculoskeletal disability, elicits a joke from Andrés, a student who takes a disparaging video of her and posts it on Instagram. Rosidalia’s reaction to the joke generates questions and discussions on inclusivity, which provides a reflective lesson for Andrés and the class as a whole #ComoTodosLosDemás