Health and Nutrition Campaign for Catholic Relief Service (CRS)

Rana Labs developed an awareness campaign with key messages on health and nutrition for teachers in schools covered by the CRS-led Learning for Life program. First, we surveyed 34 teachers from schools under the APV program on health and nutrition topics to gage potential knowledge gaps that the campaign had to fill. Then, we created key messages for dissemination; a radio spot and four videos were produced aimed at teachers, boys, girls, and parents.

All materials were produced in Spanish and the indigenous Maya K’iche’ language. Rana hosted a creative workshop for students to bring the campaign’s characters to life through graphic and visual communications methods. All the audiovisual products and printed materials, such as didactic agendas for teachers and vinyl blankets, were delivered to each of the 225 schools in four municipalities in the department of Totonicapán in Guatemala.



Video: Teachers’ knowledge of food and nutrition issues was considered when formulating key messages, as the diagnosis revealed that many were previously unaware of these issues. We shot the nutrition video in a kitchen since all the schools in the Learning for Life program in Totonicapán have one. According to the teachers’ analysis, the video primarily highlighted food that the girls and boys identified most frequently: bananas, rice, avocado, beans, and pork rinds (which was presented as a bad fat character).

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